Global Vision, Local Focus

HIMSS members are also members of any HIMSS Chapter of their choice, and can participate in leadership-building and information-gathering activities at all levels of the Society. HIMSS chapters regularly meet to learn from expert speakers, share knowledge, and network. Chapters publish newsletters, and maintain web sites to keep members posted on industry and HIMSS events. They hold educational sessions designed to help you in your workplace. They are one of the best resources for keeping abreast of local issues.

HIMSS represents 55 chapters across the United States, Canada, and India that serve a valuable role in bringing healthcare system professionals together in a local forum. Chapters provide valuable links between healthcare professionals in close proximity. HIMSS Chapters are important components of the HIMSS structure and are organized and operate on a state, provincial or local basis to advance HIMSS' mission and goals. HIMSS members may be from anywhere in the world. No matter where members call home, they may join any chapter by designating the chapter as their primary affiliation.

For more information contact HIMSS at chapters@himss.org.