Congratulations to our 2024 Scholarship Recipients!

Julia Smith

Julia Smith

Texas State University (MHIM)

As a seasoned healthcare professional with over a decade of experience, I have dedicated myself to the intricate world of health HIM. My continuing education journey began at Stephens College, where I honed my skills and earned my undergraduate degree in Health Information Management in 2021. Since then, I've immersed myself in various roles within the healthcare industry, gaining invaluable insights and expertise along the way.

In 2022, I stumbled upon something truly magical in tech healthcare. Since working in this field it has been incredibly fulfilling, it's like I found my calling. This realization led me to further continue my education at Texas State University, where I'm currently going through the graduate program for HIM, eager to soak up even more knowledge. Thank you, HIMSS Central Texas Chapter, for awarding me this scholarship to help me continue my journey.

Reagan Caroll

Reagan Carroll

University of Texas at Austin (HIHIT)

I am deeply grateful to the HIMSS Central Texas Chapter for selecting me as a 2024 scholarship recipient. As a Physician Assistant, I often find myself contemplating ways of enhancing the healthcare system using technology–such as brainstorming strategies to optimize EHR Systems. In April 2024, I completed a Professional Certificate in Health Informatics and Health Information Technology at UT Austin. In the years ahead, I aim to continue to grow professionally through my career in Health IT, involvement in HIMSS, and pursuit of additional educational opportunities. Thank you HIMSS Central Texas Chapter for awarding me this scholarship!

Cecilia Janet Santibanez

Cecilia Janet Santibanez

Texas State University (BSHIM)

I graduated from Collin College with my Associates of Science and then completed their Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program. I’m currently a full-time health information management student at Texas State University and a full-time hospitalist coder. I want to thank the Central Texas HIMSS Chapter for picking me as one of the recipients of the 2024 scholarship. This scholarship will help fund my education and allow me to continue my studies at Texas State to expand my skills and make an impact in the healthcare field by helping improve patient health literacy.

Prior HIMSS Austin Chapter Scholarship Recipients

Jenny Kim

Texas State University, MSHIM Program


I graduated from Texas Woman's University with a bachelor's degree in biology in 2019. Working at a private clinic as an administrator, I grew to love the work and wanted to expand my career. So here I am completing my master's in the HIM program at Texas State University. I would like to thank Austin HIMSS Chapter for providing me with this scholarship and helping cover part of the tuition. I am excited to start another semester at Texas State University to expand my knowledge and skills to pursue a career as a health information administrator!



Andrea Rios-Sanchez

Texas State University, MSHIM Program


As a recent graduate, I have decided to pursue a Masters in Health Information Management with a concentration in Health Informatics and Data Analytics. My interest has always been to work in the healthcare field to provide access to patients. As a first generation American, I understand the disconnect between healthcare and not just patients but people. This scholarship will help me continue to pursue my education to bring awareness so that policies and procedures can be more inclusive. It is important to be open minded.  Thank you HIMSS Austin Chapter!

Dani Lambert

Texas State University, BSHIM Program


My journey to pursue knowledge began when I choose to enter the United States Army – National Guard in the early year of 2012. For the next 7 years I learned multiple skills that helped me understand technology. Skills included learning how to assemble and deconstruct FBCB2, CPOF, SINCGARS Radios, 3900 series antennas, BFT’s (Blue Force Tracker) and more. During my time in the military, I also had civilian jobs as well and worked for Alliance Data and for IDEXX Laboratories. One job encompassed caring for people and the other involved healthcare. Both jobs inspired me to apply for the BSHIM degree and pursue a career in cyber security, legal, or HIPAA guidelines and regulations. I strive to do the best I can so that when my chosen career presents itself, I can perform my job well. I want to thank HIMSS Austin chapter for awarding me with this scholarship. This scholarship will not only help me reach my goal of graduating with a BSHIM, but it also encourages me to try new things throughout my journey.


Michele Holman

University of Texas, HI&HIT Certificate Program


Thank you HIMSS Austin Chapter! I am honored to receive the 2022 scholarship. To me, this scholarship is an opportunity to be a member of a community of professionals striving for better patient outcomes and increased provider success through health technology and health information. I graduated from Texas State in 2012 and spent that summer at an orphanage in Haiti. There I discovered a passion for healthcare and improving health disparities. I have been a certified occupational therapy assistant for 3 years. I am now at the McCombs Business School at the University of Texas pursuing a certificate in HIHIT. I am excited to begin telling the story of healthcare through data analysis and be a part of a team striving for healthcare improvements.




Teresa Berner 

Texas State University

I graduated in 1999 from Del Mar College, Corpus Christi with an Associate in Dental Hygiene and have practiced Dental Hygiene in the greater Austin area for 21 years. I returned to Texas State University, and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor in Applied Arts and Sciences and also received a Certified Public Management Certificate. My undergraduate work provided exposure to a wide variety of medical and management topics. Although my strengths are concentrated in these areas, I still remained curious. I decided to further my education by pursuing a Master’s in Health Information Management. The scholarship I received from the Austin HIMSS Chapter brings great reassurance in pursuing my future career goals. Finishing a MHIM will contribute to my professional knowledge and ethical principles as a healthcare provider.  

Avni Vipul Doshi

The University of Texas at Austin

Michille Foxx

Abilene Christian University

Mimi Mijiddorj

The University of Texas at Austin

Thank you Austin HIMSS Chapter, I cannot wait to pursue a career in healthcare information technology! I am excited to expand my current skills and knowledge while also creating an impact within the healthcare field.

Azalea Panzo

Texas State University

My education experience has been a continuous journey despite this challenging year for education delivery. I am ecstatic to be awarded my first scholarship in the continuation of pursuing my bachelor’s degree in health information management. As a member of the HIMSS, the webinars have equipped me with some knowledge in the real-world perspective. I look forward to applying this knowledge to establish a successful career. The best is yet to come!

Viviana Vera Pelton

The University of Texas at Austin

Lana Alborno (Austin, TX)

Concordia University Texas - BA in Business Administration, Hospital and Health Care Facilities Administration/Management

Lana moved to the United States from Dubai about three years ago. She is a registered nurse. Her goals are to complete her BBA in Hospital and Healthcare Facilities Administration and Management in the spring of 2016.

FeAna Francis Devaraj (Austin, TX)

The University of Texas at Austin – Health IT certificate program

I am very grateful to the HIMSS Austin Chapter for providing me this scholarship. This has greatly reduced my financial burden by covering a part of the tuition fees. In the certificate program, I have learned a lot about the current healthcare system in USA, challenges and opportunities; I am confident that I will use my new skills to make a meaningful impact to healthcare in the near future. I thank the HIMSS Austin chapter for making this possible, a major milestone in my career as a healthcare professional.

Brittany Partridge (Kyle, TX)

 University of Texas at Tyler – MBA in Healthcare Administration

As a current Clinical Informatics Specialist working within the Seton Healthcare Family, I have achieved my goal of an informatics career.  My motivation for going back to school is to become a player at the table, to obtain the tools I need to communicate effectively with the deciders in my network.  I chose to go for my MBA with an emphasis in healthcare as it will give me that seat at the table. In the future, I hope to be a manager or deputy director of a hospitals systems informatics department, eventually working my way to Chief Innovation Officer.

Amanda Ramos-Blake (Cedar Park, TX)

Concordia University Texas - BA in Health Care Administration

I currently work in the long-term care insurance industry within the claims department; my plan is to move up in the organization among management with obtaining my Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Admin.  I have obtained my Long-Term Care Professional designation from the AHIP.  I would like to stay in the Long-Term Care insurance field and become VP of claims operations. I am also working toward being the first in my whole family to get a college degree and know that this money will help me gain that degree.

Charles S. Sisemseghan (Austin, TX)

The University of Texas at Austin – Health IT certificate program

I am very happy and honored to learn that I am a recipient of the 2015 Austin HIMSS Scholarship Program. This scholarship offer is going to help me achieve my goal of obtaining my certificate in Health Informatics and Health IT from the University of Texas (UT) at Austin this summer. This award gives me immediate financial relief, as I will have the peace of mind to channel all my energy and attention to my studies. Your generosity has inspired and motivated me to strive for excellence and humility. I plan on pursuing a career in Health IT immediately after I graduate and promise to be a good ambassador of not only the Health Informatics and Health IT program at UT Austin but also a grateful and resourceful member of Austin HIMSS Chapter.